The Aquasub Gas Bar

Our fill station features both continuous blend enriched air nitrox up to 40% and partial pressure blended gases up to 100% oxygen. Oxygen mixes above 40% require that cylinders have proof of annual oxygen clean servicing.

We offer:

  • Scuba Air Fills
  • Paintball Air Fills
  • Air Rifle Air Fills
  • SCBA Air Fills
  • Enriched Air Fills up to 40%
  • Technical Fills up to 100% Oxygen
  • 100% Oxygen for First Aid and Medical use
  • Helium / Heliox / Trimix Fills

Diving Cylinder fills MUST show proof of certification for any gas fill they request:

    • Air Fills require proof of scuba certification
    • Nitrox fills up to 40% require Enriched Air Diver certification
    • Nitrox > 40%, 100% Oxygen and Trimix Blends require the appropriate techinical diving certification


All cylinders must have:

  • Annual visual inspection
  • Valid hydrostatic testing (every 5 years)


We fill air paint ball and air rifle tanks too!

Pricing per cylinder:

  • Air $10
  • Enriched Air up to 40% $20
  • Enriched Air over 40% $40
  • Oxygen $0.75/cuft

Fill cards available.

Pay Pay for 10 fills, get 2 free. Fill cards can be used on any cylinders at any time and never expire.

Air fill cards - $100

Nitrox fill cards - $200

Buy your fill cards now!


Air Fill Seasons Passes!

Purchase a seasons pass decal for your cylinder and get unlimited air fills on that cylinder all year. With a seasons pass you also get half-price fills of up to 40% Nitrox.

Unlimited Air Fills (per cylinder) $60 per calendar year

Unlimited Nitrox Fills up to 40% (per cylinder) $120 per calendar year

Unlimited Trimix Fills (per cylinder) ... nope!

Unlimited Paintball and Air Rifle Fills (per cylinder) $40 per calendar year

Get your seasons passes now!