Aquasub Skills Clinics

Join us for a one night, two hour session of directed training and practice on specific fundamentals of scuba with one of our PADI pros.

Buoyancy Skills:

Perhaps the most fundament skill for diving, buoyancy control.

Whether it means getting properly weighted, trimmed out, mastering breathing techniques, mastering kicking techniques or even getting used to your new gear, every diver can improve their skill set with focused practice and training.

Advanced Skills:

Our advanced diving skills nights focus on skills like DSMB deployment, proper wear and use of a pony bottle, and more.

Sidemount Skills:

Are you a sidemount diver and looking for some help and direction on tweaking your gear setup? Trimming out your tanks? Or just want some general practice? This is an oppourtunity to step up your game.



    Start Date Course Course Type Location   Price    
08 Dec 2023 Equipment Trial and Tuneup Buoyancy Clinics Aquasub, Centennial Pool CA$ 100.23

Buoyancy Clinics

POOL SESSION: Equipment Trial and Tuneup
Thu 30 Nov 2023
10:23 AM
Centennial Pool
Equipment rental pick up at shop
Fri 08 Dec 2023
06:00 PM
30 minutes

Equipment Trial and Tuneup Equipment pickup by 5PM on Sat night. Meet at Centennial Pool for 6:00 PM in the water from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

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16 Dec 2023 Sidemount Skills Sidemount Skills Clinic Aquasub, Centennial Pool CA$ 125.23

Sidemount Skills Clinic

Equipment Review and Setup
Sat 16 Dec 2023
04:00 PM
90 minutes
Two Hour Pool Sessions
Sat 16 Dec 2023
06:30 PM
02 hours 00 minutes
Centennial Pool

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