We feel that out best resource for advertising Aquasub are all our previous students, so we are offering a simple bonus everytime you bring in a friend or family member to sign up and become a certified diver with Aquasub.

It's EASY.

Everyone remembers their first time... That first breath below the surface, our first feeling of weightlessness, our first shipwreck or our first shark. Scuba is truly a special and unforgetable experience.


We all have that person or people that we wish would get certified so they can share our next adventure! Maybe it is your best buddy. Maybe it's your son or daughter. Don't wait any longer!

  1. Bring them to Aquasub and get them enrolled into the Open Water Diver course.
  2. Earn $50 in store credit to use on merchadise, diving, courses ... whatever you want.
  3. There are no limits to how many referrals you can earn.


The Fine Print ...

There is no fine print. You get your referral for each new student you refer to us. Earn as many referrals as you like. There are no limits. There are no expiries on your credit(s). You can spend it immediately or save it up for something big.

Click here for the course schedule and details.