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Enjoy Your Dives More With This 1 Thing....

Diving COMMENTS 19 Mar, 2018
If there is one thing that can revolutionize your diving it's good buoyancy control. From air consumption to ease of movement in the water it is all greatly affected by your buoyancy. Here are a few tips for improving your buoyancy:

Proper weighting

I so often see divers using way too much weight. Here you will find a weight calculator that will give you a starting point for estimating how much weight you need. Then do a weight check.

How to do a weight check:

Hop in the water wearing all your gear. Deflate all the air from your BCD with your regulator in your mouth. Hold a normal breath and you should float at eye level. Now do a nice long exhale and you should begin to slowly sink. If doing this check with a full tank of air add a few pounds to compensate for the buoyancy of the tank at the end of the dive.

When should you do a weight check:

  • new/different gear
  • if you haven't been diving for a while
  • diving in a new area
  • change in your body composition (weight gain or loss)

Breath control

Your breathing has a huge affect on your buoyancy. Learn to control your breathing and you'll learn to better control your buoyancy.

Practice, practice, practice

Take a Peak Performance Buoyancy course and participate in buoyancy clinics. Practice makes perfect is the saying and it's true! Get in the water often and work on your buoyancy often.

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